Anti-Circumcision Protestors Take A Stab At Nashville

Nashville was home to an obstetrician convention this past weekend and a group of anti-circumcision protestors made themselves visible to the attendees by protesting with posters ("End Male Genital Mutllation") and shouting slogans outside the Music City Center.

Nearly 60% of infant boys in the United States are circumcised every year. The group says it's inhumane.

“It’s a crisis for every boy that gets cut,” said Harry Guiremand to WNKY news in Bowling Green (where the group stopped before their Nashville leg of their tour), a member of Bloodstained Men. “The damage cannot be undone once he has been cut. Our main objective is to educate parents before they make a mistake and allow their boy to be injured in this way, which is damaging, harmful and has been sold to Americans under false pretenses.”

According to the CDC:

"...circumcisions promote better health and hygiene and could help decrease the risk of contracting HIV and several other sexually transmitted infections, as well as other health problems."