Daughter's FaceBook Post Costs Her Family $80,000

Things have to pretty awkward after this girl just blew away the $80,000 her father earned in court.

Before posting the pic above along with the message, "SuckIt!"... here's what happened. Dana Snay's dad was the distinguished headmaster at the very prestigous Miami Gulliver Preparatory School.

But at age 69, the school decided not to renew his contract. Her dad took the school to court and charged them with age discrimination. The court agreed with him and made the school give him $80,000 in damages.

That's when his daughter, Dana, posted a very snarky message on Facebook:

As you would imagine, kids and alumni at The Gulliver school spread this message around quickly. That got the attention of the school. That's when they realized Dana had violated the confidentiality clause of the $80,000 judgement. OOOOPS!

So they won't be getting the 80 grand after all. How awkward must it be at their house. We've all cost our parents money (remember that time you backed up dad's car into the menu sign at Sonic?), but this is extreme!

Facebook had no shortage of wisdom for Dana.