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The Weird Reason Party City Is Closing 45 Stores

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Party City is closing down 45 stores and for it's reason most of us would never guess. The is a world wide helium shortage.

Helium is a finite natural resource. And we're running out. And it's not like we can just make more.

Party City decided to close the stores blaming it's "helium challenge". When you think about it, a huge part of their business, and all partys, is balloons.

And face it, ballons that don't float.... suck.

But sucky parties may be the last resort for panic. Helium is used for things like scientific research and the medical field. It's used in MRI machines and in rocket fuel.

But Party City says they have enough helium from a new supplier to keep the remaining stores open throughout the summer.

So enjoy your helium and maybe take a one way trip...

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