Pam From "The Office" Got A Bill From Her Kids For Mother's Day Breakfast

Who's our fav on the The Office?

That's right, Pam Beesly. But her driver's license says Jenna Fischer and she's awesome. She's also a great follow on Instagram. That's where she revealed that her children charged her for her mother's day breakfast in bed.

Jenna is married to a director named Lee Kirk who looks a little but like Jim Halpert, does he not?). They have 2 kids, Weston and Harper. They're an adorable family.

Our favorite receptionist had a special mother's day that started with breakfast in bed. But the funny this is, they gave her A BILL.

But for us, we think it's cool. They've obviously got a good business sense. And $5.50! That's a deal for breakfast in bed with a newspaper.

Before we go, let's look at this adorable Pam Beesly-like life Jenna Fischer lives.