Third Graders Going Viral for "Old Town Road" Math Test Remix!

Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus truly have nothing on this third grade class' remix of "Old Town Road!"

Ms. Merlette's third grade class had end of year testing coming up so she made a super fun way for the students to learn and actually be excited about the testing! They did the cutest remix of "Old Town Road!"

Literally, the lyrics are the cutest thing on the planet!

“I’m gonna ace my test. I’m gonna raise my score I’m gonna solve ’til I can’t no more. I got the answers in the back, scratch work is attached, pencils in my bag, and I’m solvin’ mighty fast.
School is my task, I can do this math— really quick and fast— education is that swag. Can’t nobody stop me from learning, can’t stop me from learnin’. The wheels in my head keep churnin’, they keep on churnin’.

WATCH their adorable video here!

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X apparently loved the rendition too!