New Theater Let's You Watch Movies In Bed

Theater seats used to be pretty uncomfortable. Then they got better and theaters went "stadium style" (seats behind you higher so heads are out of the way). Then the super freakin fantastic recliners. But Switzerland has done us one better by letting you watch a movie at a theater while laying in a bed.

Cinema Pathé Spreitenbach, a theater in Switzerland, just opened "VIP" theaters, with 3 different luxury film experiences. The theater getting the most talk is their "VIP Bedroom" theater., It has eleven double beds, that allow you to fully relax as you enjoy a movie.

The tix are $48. But that gets you the movie, the bed, all-you-can-eat drinks and snacks, and slippers!

Not everyone loves the idea.

There is that risk that you nod off and miss the movie altogether. And maybe we'd be into it if we were the FIRST to use the matresses. After that.... no thanks.