'Game of Thrones' Gets Roasted for Leaving Plastic Water Bottle in Finale

There are so many different emotions about the finale of 'Game Of Thrones!' Over 1 million people have signed a petition to make them re-do the final season because they didn't like the way it ended -- while the rest of 'Game Of Thrones' fans are FREAKING out over a water bottle spotted in the final episode!

If you remember a few weeks ago, there was a Starbucks cup left in front of Dany during a celebratory scene in Winterfell && now the same eagle-eyes fans noticed that they left a plastic water bottle in an important shot during the last episode of the series!

The shot in question comes *right* after Tyrion is walked out by Grey Worm for a chat with the new council, and you can see it pretty clearly behind Sam's leg. And naturally, fans are going in:

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