Nashville Locals Want Wrangler Boycott Because of Deal With Lil Nas X.

Some angerballs in Nashville are ticked off that the Wrangler jeans company is doing a limited edition jeans deal based on the #1 song in America, "Old Town Road". They will literally make jeans with "Wrangler On My Booty".

The people online who want to boycott don't clearly state WHY we should boycott Wrangler. Do they hate the song. Is it not "real" country? Did Lil Nas X go 'round the regular way of doing things in the music biz? There are lots of local music people that feel you must go through proper channels (hint: their channels) and kiss the ring.

Or is it a racial issue? Who knows for real?


Either way, Lil Nas X seems to be laughing it off.


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