Weatherman Goes Off On Viewers About The Bachelorette

The storms ravaging through Ohio have been horrific, no doubt. People have died. Homes have been ruined.

But one Ohio weatherman lost it because he decided to read social media messages while warning people about tornado and life threatening storm activity. Some people said the were mad that he was interrupting The Bachelorette with his weather coverage.

To be fair, maybe he was chacking social media to see if people had anything to report. But be a pro. Don't spend the time you're given to report on storms to berate a few fools on Twitter who like current season of The Bachelorette and it's theme of chicken nuggets (if you're watching, you get it).

Some tweeters accused him of trying to promote himself. And when you think about it, they might have a point. This has been a recurring thing for meteorologists on TV. They get massive publicity for themselves, for going off on a superiority rant.

To her credit, FOX 17 Meteorologist Katy Morgan got those same types of complaints when her storm coverage broke into the 'Masked Singer'. But instead of wasting everyone's time in the critical moment, she posted their comments later on social media. That is appropriate. See her story here.