Bodycam: Springhill, Tennessee Sheriff Saves 2 From Rattlesnake

A Maury County Sheriff's car and bodycam shows how he saved the life of a couple sleeping in the road from a large rattlesnake slithering past heads.

As the officer pulled up to the couple on a road south of Spring Hill, he realized the poisonour snake was in striking distance of their heads and maneuvered his car to such a place where he could safely get out and warn them of the danger.

Deputy Adam Sisk was the officer in the car. Sheriff Bucky Rowland told FOX 17 News, “I mean you think you see everything in this profession and then you see something like that. As he starts to approach, he sees it’s a rather large rattlesnake, and of course, he stays very calm as he approaches the folks as the snake is kind of slithering away.”

At that point, the couple wakes up. But instead of doing what the officer says, the male runs from the officer. Then slowly, as she awakes, the female calmy wakes away from the snake.

“They didn’t follow it just exactly right but fortunately it worked out,” Sheriff Rowland said.

The sleepy couple was given a ride home.