IKEA Recreated The Friends, Simpsons, and Stranger Things Living Rooms IRL

IKEA is genius. They recreated the living rooms from the most iconic tv shows using the furniture they sell. F'n brilliant. You can make the Stranger Things living room, including lights to communicate with the Upside Down (seen above). You'll get the look and feel of the set. Who knows, it could help with that Joyce Byers LARPing you'v been dabbling with.

They also did the same with the simplistic set of The Simpson's living room, just off the garage where you've made a speedy entrance.

But the most iconic is the 90's themed living room from Friends. You may not be able to afford this apartment in Manhattan, but it could be there for you in Smyrna with IKEA merch IRL.

So what should they do next? Seinfeld's apartment? Something from Full House?