Jeopardy Champion James Holzhauer Goes Down!

San Jose Sharks v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six

San Jose Sharks v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six

Jeopardy master James Holzhauer has finally been beaten. It took a Chicago librarian for him to end his historic run on tv's most popular game show. His incredible ability to pluck general knowledge questions from his brain, and his experience as a gambler made him virtually unstoppable for 32 straight games. His haul? 2.4 million dollars.

He almost doubled the record for earnings in one show. On the 10th episode he won $131,127. He set many other records, but failed to break records for longest run and the most winnings. The record was 74 shows and highest total winnings was just $58,000 away. Those records belong to Ken Jennings.

But after setting so many records and becoming the GOAT for so many fans, he bowed out of the game on purpose. The tweet below shows how.

When he was unseated as champion, he high fived his librarian conqueror.

But Emma will now find out, that when you win, you have a target on your back.