You Can Now Buy A Contributor If You Don't Have Cash.

photo: FOX17

Because it's 2019 and no one carries around cash anymore, people who sell The Contributor in downtown Nashville have a new way to make a sale. Some have gone cashless. They're taking payments by Venmo now if you have no greenbacks or change in the ashtray.

In a news release from their director, Cathy Jennings said, “Customers and potential customers, especially young and middle-aged customers rarely carry cash anymore, but instead rely on electronic payments like Venmo to pay for daily expenses. Vendors now take Venmo, so they are able to attract this expanding market of customers in Nashville to help them achieve their sales goals.” 

If you're a Venmo user, use their address: @The-Contributor and then use the seller's name and badge # so the money gets to the right person.

If you're unfamiliar, here's how people who sell The Contributor go from homeless to housing.

graphic courtesy: The Contributor.

For a map of vendors who use Venmo, click here.