475 lbs of Cocaine Delivered to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Business

This is what approximately $6,300,000 of cocaine looks like. This is a photo from the Wilson County Sheriff's department of the cocaine that was delivered to the door of a business in Mt. Juliet. First off, they didn't order it. It just showed up. The business isn't being named by police.

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and Lebanon Police Department Narcotic Detectives say the business got the delivery and did exactly what they ask people to do. “We always encourage everyone that when you see something, say something, and that’s exactly what the business owners did when they received these unlabeled packages that arrived at their facility,” Sheriff Robert Bryan said.

The business found the boxes at their door with no labels on them. Sheriff Bryan said the investigation of who sent the coke is "very active" and they're working with several agencies to track them down.