Kim Jong Un Executes Man With James Bond Villain Piranha Tank


Update: This story was widely reported from British news outlets and reputable sources like MSN, Google News, etc. Later overnight, many sites have backed off on their belief of this story.


Borrowing from James Bond villains, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un had one of his generals executed in a movie like style.

According to reports, he executed one of his generals who was plotting against him. He had the general's arms and legs slashed so they were bleeding profusely. Then he dropped him into a tank full of hungry piranhas. The piranhas ate him in a slow and exrcuciating way.

Early James Bond fans will remember this exact scene from 1967's "You Only Live Twice", where the villian steps on a button that drops his enemies into a piranha pool. Here's the clip. The action really kicks in at the 1:55 mark.

This villian was then parodied by Mike Myers when his Austin Powers movies introduced Dr Evil. Note the cat, and instead of piranhas, he wants sharks. Special sharks.