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Tennessee Man Uses Elephant To Help Propose To His Girlfriend


A woman in Knoxville, TN got a surrise at the zoo when an elephant helped her fiacne propose to her.

At the zoo, you can commission an African elephant to paint a picture for you. They pick up a brush full of paint with their trunk and make gorgeous artwork. Well, this particular elephant was doing a painting commissioned by a guy named Robert for his girlfriend DeAna.

No one could see the art until the picture was finished. When the zoo assistant handed DeAna the finished work, underneath the yellow squiggles from the elephant, were the words "DeAna will you marry me?".

“I have a wild obsession with elephants so it was a definite dream,” said Robert in an email. DeAna's cousin took the video.

It's not the first time an elephant was used during proposals or weddings. When Katy Perry married Russel Brand, members of the bridal party rode in on elephants like they were in Alladin.

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

And check out this proposal from several years ago.

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