UPDATED: Nightmare. Man Living Secretly In Attic Of Mt. Juliet Home.


There is a surprising new update and sick twist to this story.


It's every person's nightmare. There's someone secretly lurking in your home. This bad dream was reality for one mother in Mt. Juliet. Police say the homeowner returned home to find a man standing at the top of her stairs. She realized he was the 18 yr old man who had been involved with his 14 yr old daughter!

According to police affidavits, he had been secretly living in their attic and sneaking through a door in her daughter's bedroom closet to rendesvous with her.

photo: Wilson County Sheriff

Police were called to the home and had to go into the attic to retreive 18 yr old Matthew C. Castro and charge him with aggravated criminal trespass. The 14 yr old girl has been part of a runaway investigation before.