Regal Cinemas Starting Unlimited Movie Subscription

Remember Movie Pass? The company that let you pay them one price and see as many movies as you wanted? Yeah, they pretty much broke.

But Regal Cinemas is starting a subsciption service to see as many movies as you want for a monthly fee.

There will mostly be a tiered pricing subscription level. Reports have the tiers at $18, $21, and $24 a month. Each level gets you more access. The easiest way to explain is the top tier gives you access to their theaters coast to coast (great if you travel a lot).

You'd also get an instant 10% off at concessions.

But there's one rumor, that if true, might scare some people off.

Some are saying you might have to pay for the entire year upfront. That's a commitment. And not a cheap one. At the tiers mentioned earlier, that means you might have to shell out $216, $252, and $288.