Nasty Kardashian-Inspired 'Butt-Lifting' Trend Goes Viral

It appears some women will do anything for a Kim Kardashian-inspired butt, but is the ‘fire cupping’ trend going too far?

One Twitter user (@Halfluo) shared a video of the temporary bum-lift technique known as ‘fire cupping’ where a pot containing small flames is applied and squeezed onto a person’s butt cheeks.

The video shows the technician performing the treatment, and finishes with her removing the pot to show the woman’s soot-covered bum looking sore and swollen.

The ‘fire cupping’ technique creates a vacuum of hot air around the bum cheek which causes it to swell as the blood vessels expand to create the temporary look. However, the risks outweigh the ‘benefits’ with the possibility of permanent burns, serious bruising and tissue damage occurring.

Warning. This video might be too disturbing for some.

Many have compared it to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge which saw people enhancing the size of their lips by sucking them into a shot glass.