Storm Area 51 Group's List Of Supplies You'll Need (including tin foil hat)

A protester wearing a tinfoil hat delive

A protester wearing a tinfoil hat delive

The satirical Facebook group that has well over a million people saying they're going to storm the government's highly classified Area 51, has told us what supplies we need to bring. When trying to storm a secured military base (possibly filled with aliens), you have to know what to bring.

The list of things to bring are VERY interesting. So let's play a game. We'll give you the list, but you have to guess which of them are really on the list. Answers revealed at the bottom of the page.

You will need a military-type wet weather blanket because the desert is cold at night.

A Go Pro camera to prove what you see.

Fruit Roll Ups. Non perishable, easily transportable energy source.

An X-Files tattoo to remind you that...

A thermal imaging camera because the raid is at night.

Drones so that the military will be so distracted trying to stop them, that we can storm.

Burial insurance, cuz, well, you know, they might stop you. (bullets)

A tin foil hat to protect our brains from rays and stuff.

So, did you guess right?

The ones we made up and aren't on the list:

  • Go Pro camera
  • fruit roll ups

That's it. The others are real.