Nashville Hosts National Air Guitar Championship... And It's Weird AF.

Girl Jumping on Bed in Pink Room

Girl Jumping on Bed in Pink Room

You know that thing you did in your room when no one is around? No, not that! Creep. We're talking playing air guitar!

The U.S. National Air Guitar finals are tonight in Nashville at the Exit Inn. Somehow these people make a living at doing something that takes less skill than Guitar Hero (which actually requires hand-eye coordination). Trying to keep her hold on the world champion crown is Georgia Lunch. The winner will go on to represent 'Merica at the world championships in Finland. This was her winning performance from last year.

The previous year's champion who is rockin the serious mom jeans, actually has put together an act. Gotta respect the thought that went into it. (And the germ gel bottle hanging from her waist!)

This guy is famous and has us the most confused.