#GitUpChallenge Who did it better? Woody or Jim?

Fam! Blanco Brown is filming a music video in Nashville and we want YOU to be in it!

Just do your best #TheGitUpChallenge, tag us, and use #GitUp1075 before FRIDAY.

You and a friend might get to be in the video!


To show you just how easy this is, we put the challenge to Woody and Jim from the Woody and Jim Show.

Here's Woody's smoove, salute-to-Merica crack at it.

And here's Jim's very extra strange entry.

If these guys can do it, so can you.

Just remember to do it by FRIDAY and tag your #gitupchallenge with #gitup1075 to possibly be in Blanco Brown's official video. If you want the inspiration, here's his low rent version of the music video.