Octopus Bites Woman's Face After Selfie. Sent To Hospital.

A Tacoma, Washington woman participating in a fishing derby was brought to the hospital after the octopus she put on her face, bit her and injected it's venom.

Jamie Bisceglia told local news she thought it was risky, but it might win her a photo contest. She smiled. She held her arms wide open. That's when the octopus latched it's tentacles around her face bit into her flesh. It bit Jamie twice, injecting it's poisonous venom.

“It was a really intense pain when it went inside and it just bled, dripping blood for a long time,” Bisceglia told the local news. She waited two days to go to the hospital.

“I’m still in pain. I’m on three different antibiotics. This can come and go, the swelling, for months, they say.”

She said the octopus is a juvenile version of the giant Pacific octopus.

"This was not a good idea," said Bisceglia. "I will never do it again."