Terrifying 'Bee Panther' Invades Tennessee.

If this insect looks like something out of a horror movie, it's because it is. Or it should be. The bee panther has made an appearance in Tennessee. Ashli Womack of Knoxville shared photos with FOX 17 News of this creature.

It's common name is Red-Footed Cannibalfly, its scientific name Promachus rufipes.

The insect was found in Tennessee, which is a rarity. Listen to how this lovely creatures lives it's best life. The massive Bee Panthers slams into it's victims at high velocity, and according to Ohio State researchers, "produces a snapping sound that may be heard several feet away."

The Bee Panther eats flies, bees, wasps, other insects, and smaller versions of it's own kind! Fox 17 says:

It then injects saliva which contains enzymes and a neurotoxin into its prey, paralyzing the prey and sucks the prey's body fluids.