Nashville To Get It's First Amazon Retail Store

Amazon has revealed they will be opening a retail store in the mall at green hills in Nashville. Amazon has not said what kind of store it will be. Amazon stores like Amazon Go, Amazon 4 Star, or Amazon Books could be possibilities.

The store will go into the mall where Z Galleries used to be. Among the existing types of stores Amazon has, it's least likely to be an Amazon Go store. Why? Because it's more like a convenience store and you don't put those inside malls. But they are pretty cool. I've visited one last year in Seattle. You download a special app to your phone that recognizes you when you walk in. You just grab the stuff you want, like a bottle of cold coffee, a pasta dish to heat up for dinner, and a candy bar.

And then you just walk out the door. Scanners realize what you have and automatically deduct it from your Amazon account. No need to wait in line for a cashier.

We might be seeing a lot more of Amazon's new ideas for retail. They are building a special Amazon Headquarters for Excellence in downtown Nashville that will bring in 5000 high-paying jobs. It would make sense that they'd love to have their employees spend their money within the company.