TEST: Does The Impossible Burger Really Taste Like A Real Burger?

So many people said the impossible burger (plant based burger with no meat) tastes just like a real burger. "You can't taste the difference between the faux burger and a real one", they said. So we decided to put it to the test by doing a blind taste, blindfold and all.

Everyone on the Woody and Jim Show got to try two burgers, one a regular whopper from Burger King, the other an impossible whopper. But we didn't without knowing which we were eating. Could the plant burger be identified? Let's see.

For real. It was VERY difficult to tell the difference. That's a plus for the impossible burger.

BTW: Nutritionists say there is benefit in reduction in calories in fat. So it's not like you're eating 'lite'. But if you want the taste of burgers but you don't want to eat meat, you have have an option.

Also, If you're truly not wanting your food to even touch meat, Burger King uses the same equipment to grill impossible Whoppers as they do the chicken and beef.