Prison Forges 'Super Dog' For Nashville Man

Full disclosure. Ron is a friend of ours. Ron has diabetes. Living alone with diabetes can be dangerous because no one is around if you're having health problems to get you the help you need. So Ron turned to a special program that provides service alert dogs to people like himself.

These dogs are raised and trained through a prison program that brings out all the superpowers they have. That is not an exaggeration. These dogs are far better at diagnosing oncoming health problems than the best technical machines in medicine.

Ron has benefitted. Others like him have. The dogs are happy. And prisoners are changed for the better.

Here's the tough news Ron has shared this summer:

Unfortunately, the time has come for Duncan to hang up his vest, retire from service work, and become a stay-at-home dog, doing all the things the normal dogs do. Duncan’s retirement is set for the middle of October.
How can you help? This fundraiser is to help offset the cost of a successor dog that will fill the big paws Duncan has left. Every little bit helps.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your help and generosity!
-- Ron and Duncan the Service Dog

The training of these super dogs is expensive. If you'd like to help Ron and donate to raise the over $16,000 for his next alert dog, click here to donate.