Wilson County Bus Driver Buried In School Bus Casket

David Wright, who was a long time bus driver for Wilson County Schools in Tennessee, was buried in a school bus coffin after he died at age 76 earlier this month. What a fitting way to say goodbye to the man beloved for his 50 years of service to the school system's transportation.

Friends, family, co-workers, and students paid tribute to David at his funeral (held at Wilson County High School). He was then buried in a specially designed casket made up to look like a school bus.

The Wilson County Sheriff's Dept said, "Mr. Wright was a selfless leader his entire life by being the example we should all strive to be. He never wanted or asked for anything in return for his service to the community which made him a special servant."

Before he died, he was honored with a special ceremony for his service. They also named the transportation department after Wright.

David Wright photo by Wilson County Schools. Casket photo by Nashville Casket Sales. > via FOX17