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New Taylor Swift Video 'Lover': An Initial Breakdown.

Taylor Swift has dropped the video for 'Lover' and the feels are coming fast and furious. Their are so many things to digest in this video, and easter eggs galore. Watch and then we'll give our initial thoughts and observations.

This is such a foray into a long-term, slow burn, intimate relationship. Taylor goes through the stages of domestic life with the person you love... long after that initial spark. She shows the day-to-day routine of sharing your life with someone. There is comfort. There are portraits of cats on the wall.

I'll just go ahead and read double meanings into the references made by boardgames. Of course there is Easter eggs there (like references to 'King of My Heart' w king of my heart, other song lyrics, and other tracks from the album 'After Glow').

And then there's that reference to living your life in a fishbowl when you're Taylor Swift. You have to negotiate your way through love while the world is watching.

Taylor shows that even long-term relationships go through their difficulties that includes jealousy, isolation, and arguments.

Besides her musical versatility (she plays guitars, drums, violin, etc), T-Swizzle might also be showing us that by playing different instruments it means you take on different roles in a relationship.

Taylor confirmed on Tmblr that the house inside the ball has special meeting. Each room represents a different album from Taylor Swift.

But in the end, it's worth it. Because it becomes more than just the two of you. If everything goes well, you've started the family.

I'm not crying. You're crying!

I'm Jim. And thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

The rest of the class is free to discuss, debate, and enjoy.

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