All Adoptions At Nashville Humane Are Paid For This Weekend

Very sweet kitten lying on puppy

Very sweet kitten lying on puppy

There's always someone in the house who needs that extra nudge when getting a dog or cat. Here it is.

The adoptions at Nashville Humane Association are free this weekend. The nice people at Mars Petcare are paying the adoption fees at certain shelters in Nashville this weekend only. So that means you pay no fee to take home your future furry BFF. That fee usually pays for 3 important (and pricey if you paid on your own) things: spay or neutering, all their shots, and microchipping.

They're open till 5 Saturday and Sunday. 615-352-1010

Nashville Humane Association


Nashville Humane is a place near and dear to the Woody and Jim Show. This no-kill shelter finds homes for these wonderful animals. And they consistently help areas struck by natural disasters. For instance, ahead of big hurricane in Texas, they bring in animals in shelters there to make room for the inevitable influx of animals displaced after the hurricane hits. Those people who got separated from their pets can then find them at their shelters and be reunited. Incredible.

So if you were leaning towards getting a cat or dog, here's the perfect incentive this weekend. They're on sale. 100% off.

You won't regret it. Just about everyone on the Woody and Jim Show and iHeart Nashville has a rescue from Nashville Humane. And we couldn't be happier.