The 1 New Taylor Swift Song She'll Never Play Live

Taylor Swift will probably never play 'Soon You'll Get Better' live. And that's straight from her mouth. The song featuring background vocals from the Dixie Chicks, was written for Taylor's mother who has been battling cancer since 2015.

"This song is one that was hard to write, because it's something that I'm going through right now," she said during an iHeartRadio secret session. "My dad got cancer when was 13 and he got better, and it wasn't a very long process, but things with my mom have been very different."

(Andrea Swift center, gives the Woody and Jim Show a backstage tour at one of Taylor's Nashville shows)

"This song is special in a lot of ways because when I wrote this one, I recorded it with Jack, and he was working, at the time, with the Dixie Chicks, making their new album."

"That's the band that made me wanna do this. There's a handful of artists that made me wanna do this. The Dixie Chicks taught me that you can have a strong female voice, saying whatever she wants in music, and experimenting with having a very feminine aesthetic, but very tough resilience to them. And their musicianship, the way that they played their instruments made me wanna play an instrument. Basically, I said to Jack, 'Can you please play this song for the Dixie Chicks? It's a really special song for me and my family, and they were such a big part of my life, and I wonder if maybe they can sing background vocals on it, or maybe even play on it if they wanted to.' And he played it for them, and they got really emotional hearing it, and wanted to sing on it and play fiddle and banjo on it too. So, the background vocals that you're hearing in this song are the Dixie Chicks, who I'm obsessed with."

Andrea is in our prayers. She is a wonderful, smart, and proud woman who raised our Taylor right.