Disney To Open Avengers Campus!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will become a real-world touchable, walkable, Instagramable thing in 2020 at the Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim. AT D23 the hinted that big plans were in the works for an Avengers themed attraction. But more details, including official renderings that makes us feel like if we held out hand, Thors hammer might fly into it.

The campus will take the spot of 'The Bug's Life' attraction that will disappear as if Thanos got all the Infinity Stones.

The plan is to make park visitors feel as if the are in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Inside the campus, the Avengers will be searching for the next great heroes. It might be you! The park will focus on the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, also known as “WEB” which will feature the first Disney ride-through attraction featuring Spider Man (despite the ugly Sony/Disney divorce).