Nashville Area Thief Steals Woman's Dead Father's Ashes.

Area police and one woman really hope you can identify this man so they can get the ashes of her dead father back.

Kathryn McDonald’s Maury County home on Walton Rd was robbed of many things, but the most important item taken were the cremated ashes of father. The other items stolen included 2 chain saws, her husband's collection of watches, a safe full of passports and birth certificates, and a lot of cash they were saving to take their child to Disney World.

She kept her father's ashes in a velvet bag in her room. The thief left the bag, but took the ashes. Kathryn thinks the house may have been under surveillance by the thief.

She told FOX 17:
Her mom lives with them and takes care of her two young kids during the day.
She says Tuesday was the first time in a month her mom's car wasn't in the driveway, but she's thankful no one was home because about 10 minutes later, the man came back again with what looks to be a gardening tool.
“If my mom had been here with the kids and opened the door knowing that he had a hatchet in his hand, there's no telling what could have happened,” McDonald said.