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The People Killed In 'Stranger Things' Have A Strange Thing In Common.

One of the things that makes 'Stranger Things' so compelling is that the danger is real. Characters die. Sometimes characters you really care about.

One fan has discovered something 'coincidental' about people getting killed on 'Stranger Things'. A lot of the people who get killed share something special about their first name.

Reddit user docdrazen points out.... One of the first people to die in the series is the Bennie.

Then the most controversial death (because no one seemed to care) in season one. Barb.

Are you seeing the pattern? Their names begin with the letter B.

Then came season 2 and Joyce's love interest. Poor, sweet Bob met his demise in a selfless act.

Then in season 3 it was poor, douchebag Billy.

They also killed off Bruce, a reporter at The Hawkins Post.

This is a cool theory, but it doesn't mean people with 'B' first names aren't the only ones that die. Let's not forget the lovable Alexei who's sipping in heaven right now.

There's no more characters with a B first name left. So that means a new character will have to appear in Stranger Things season 4 to keep the B-streak alive.

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