Here's The Shows We're Streaming The Most

We hear about ratings on network tv, but we rarely know what's getting watched on streaming. Streaming services rarely let that information out. But we have it. With some data from streaming service search company Reelgood, here's the top 5 shows people are streaming right now.

#5 The alt-take on superheros... THE BOYS (Amazon Prime).

#4 THE DARK CRYSTAL: Age of Resistance (Netflix)... the Dark Crystal reboot has people's attention.

#3 Is the super dark, yet compelling FBI vs serial killer favorite... MINDHUNTER.

#2 surprised us because it's been around awhile (but it's really good). 13 REASONS WHY (Netflix)

And the top streaming show has only been out less than 2 weeks. But people are diving into a land of mystical creatures, crimes-to-be-solved, victorian era clothes, and some steam-punk backdrops. It stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

The #1 streamed show is CARNIVAL ROW (Amazon Prime).