Is This Tennessee's Best Urban Legend?

Inside The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone In 360 Degree Views

Inside The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone In 360 Degree Views

A couple national websites listed the best urban legend from each state. So of course we had to look at the urban legend from Tennessee. It was one we never heard before. It comes from Jamestown, TN (northeast part of the state).

It happened at a small boy's school called Pine Haven. It's long abandoned. But when it was in use, the legend says a bunch of bullies were taunting a fellow classmate in the boy's bathroom. They snuck up behind him and pushed him toward the bathroom mirror. He slammed into it and shattered the mirror. The broken glass cut him and he died.

They never meant for that to happen. So they decided to cover up the crime by hiding his body under the floorboards under the sink.

They say if you tour the school and look in the mirror of the boy's bathroom, you'll see the boy who died there.

But it won't stop there. He will supposedly do to you what the bullies did. He'll kill you by slamming you into the mirror and then pull you under the floorboards with him.