Someone Has Confessed To The Murder Steven Avery Is In Jail For.

There may be a breakthrough with the case of Steven Avery, the man behind bars for murder and the subject of several seasons of Netflix's docuseries 'Making A Murderer'. An inmate has allegedly confessed to the murder of Teresa Halbach.

The director of a rival series, Convicting a Murderer, that has tried to squash the "Steven Avery is innocent' movement, has dropped news that another man has confessed to the crime. According to USA Today, director Shawn Rech was interviewing a fellow inmate of Avery's that was going to provide more proof that Steven Avery did the crime.

But after a short bit of questioning by the video crew, inmate Joseph W. Evans Jr. broke down and confessed to the murder of Halbach.

Law enforcement has yet to comment on this new claim. But the show's director told USA TODAY,

“On the ‘no’ side, he’s a proven liar; he himself has proven he’s a liar,” He said.
“He’s a convicted felon. On the ‘possibly’ side, he’s a convicted murderer in the state of Wisconsin, he was free at the time of (Halbach’s) murder, so I don’t know.” In either case, audiences will know more once Convicting a Murderer begins streaming on one of the many, many platforms that are now (or will soon be) available in 2020.