Cops Say Nashville Mom Helped Daughter Beat Up Another Kid

Kalina Gaines, 30 helped her daughter beat up another child at a bus stop, according to Metro Nashville police.

Police reports say a minor was approached by Gaines and her daughter at a school bus stop at the corner of Murfreesboro Rd and Borowood Drive. The cops say that's when Gaines told her child to beat up the other child. Apparently the two kids had an incident between each other the week prior.

Kids on the bus used their phones to record the assault. Video appears to show the 30 yr old woman and her daughter holding the victim to the ground while they both pummeled the victim. The victim told police the mother kicked and punched her in the face.

Police say the video shows Gaines held the victim down while her daughter assaulted the child "dozens of times". Gaines was arrested on assault charges and is out on bond.