Nashville Zoo Welcomes Baby Porcupine

The Nashville Zoo is passing out cigars. Not really. That's just old movies. But they are welcoming a brand new baby porcupine to the music city. Coming from the San Diego Zoo, and born earlier this year, we have yet another transplant.

Mkali, meaning “fierce and bright” in Swahili, he joins the zoos other resident Mkali joins the Zoo’s current 6-year-old male Cape porcupine, Jake Quyllenhaal. 

“Mkali and Jake hit it off right away and she is getting more and more comfortable in her new exhibit and routine by the day,” said Collin Guidry, Nashville Zoo Contact Area Keeper.

Jake regularly accompanies the animal keepers as he walks along the public walkways, so our guests have an opportunity to meet him face to face.

Despite what you think, porcupines do not shoot their quills as a defense mechanism. They're also nocturnal, so they pretty sleepy during the day.