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Which Fast Food Restaurant Drive Thru Is Fastest? Slowest?

Supporters Flock To Restaurants On Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Does it feel like drive-thrus take longer to get you your food? It's true. About 20 seconds longer according to a study a drive-thru experiences. (But that 20 seconds feels like 2 minutes, doesn't it?)

That same study timed drive-thrus of the big fast food places to see who is fastest and slowest. Who gets you your order quickest? That would be Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts). The average wait there was about 216 seconds.

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Wendys was the next fastest. Burger King took the bronze for quick drive-thrus. Surprisingly to us, Chik-fil-A finished last.

Here's our theory. Chik-fil-A has to deal so many more customers. Have you seen the number of cars hitting up that drive-thru. And it doesn't feel long, because they have their super-friendly helpers with ipads out there taking your order and getting the business down before you even get to the window.

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In fact, with all the people wanting Chik-fil-A at the same time, they do a kick ass job.

We'll take it one step further. Who-ever designed the drive-thru system at Chik-fil-A should get the contract to design the next attempt at a Nashville mass transit system. That sucker would move people along fast, and everyone would be happy.

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