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Distracted Boyfriend Meme Becomes Trippy Fleshed Out Story.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in the case of the "distracted boyfriend", it's worth a million memes. The creators of the stock image decided to riff further on the relationship and it turns out to be an epic story. Hello M. Night Shyamalan, buy the writes to this plot twist tale! Unexpected turns ahead. ⬇️

Let's open up this tweet and break this down. ⬇️In the pic we all know, dude is checkin out another girl while walking with his girlfriend. And she notices it and gives him a glare that bores straight through flesh and bone.

But the next pic shows distracted boyfriend proposing to annoyed girlfriend, BUT he's still distracted by another woman.

But it continues. ⬇️While hugging his new fiance, he's distracted by yet another woman.

But wait! ⬇️Turns out his fiance knows the other woman and they start talking and catching up. In fact, the old friends start connecting without distracted man. And their relationship grows.

⬇️Their relationship blossoms to love and they marry each other. This leaves distracted boyfriend sad and alone, staring out a rainy window.

Funny, right? I warn you not to follow an even lengthier story that gets really dark. No, really, you have no idea how dark

Don't say I didn't warn you. ⬇️

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