People Freaked Out, Police Escort Disturbed Man Out Of 'Joker'.

Police escorted a seemingly disturbed man in a Time Square movie theater showing the new Joaquin Phoenix movie 'Joker'. According to witnesses, the man would clap and cheer during any on screen murders. At one point, other theatergoers said he witnessed a murder and speech about society being evil by the main character... and he started clapping and laughing maniacally and loudly for the whole theater to hear.

Phillip Hood, who was in theater, said:
About halfway through when Joker started killing people and monologuing about how society is evil he started clapping really loudly and incessantly for a good minute. People started yelling for him to shut up, but he kept clapping and cheering like mad,"

The man was then beliggerentHe was then belligerent when the crowd asked him to stop. Shortly after, police arrived and escorted him out of the theater.

A man seated next to the loud man, Etai Benson, said he poured an entire bottle of tequila into his theater concession cup.
"This was most likely a harmless drunk guy, but all the nervousness built around the film made what happened (Friday) night really unsettling,"

Security has been very tight at theaters showing the hit movie. A theater in Bristol, Tennessee banned anyone from making a mask or wearing makeup from seeing the movie. The filmmakers acknowledge the violence in the film, but say it starts a discussion on violence, guns, and how we treat those with mental illness. But others say the film glorifies violence and could trigger people with mental illness.

Theater owners were vigilant because of the mass shootings at a 2012 showing of Batman.

The movie is raking in huge money and will probably break several October records.