Can you Guess Which of These Tennessee Towns Are Real?

Did you ever notice on the weather reports that they list towns on the Doppler radar that you've never heard of before? Frogsnort? Barftickle? (OK those aren't real) But you've definitely had that happen. So let's have some fun and see if you can tell which of these are real towns in Tennessee, and which ones we made up. (answers ar the bottom of the page)

Lionsville, TN

Farragut, TN

Mclemoresville, TN

Which one is NOT a real TN town?

Which of these is NOT a real TN town?

Bullsgap, TN

Tuxedo, TN

Parrotsville, TN

Or these....

Cheesetown, TN

Hornbeak, TN

Crab Orchard, TN

Keep scrolling to see which town we made up

The fake towns are...

Lionsville, TN

Tuxedo, TN

and Cheesetown, TN

That means places like Mclemoresville are real.