Middle School Mom Posts Viral Warning About Boys With Scrunchies.

A middle school mom posted a "warning" on Facebook to alert parents about the latest trend involving scrunchies and the love lives of children. She answers why daughters are running out of scrunchies, and why moms are finding scrunchies in their pockets or drawers.

She wrote, “Are you tired of wasting money on hair scrunchies? Feel like you’re buying them every week? Wondering why your daughter can’t keep up with them? Well let me let you in on a little secret. ….They are being found in the dryer of every boy Mom’s home. I’m about to start a lost and found page for them on Facebook or better yet return them to school with a love note for me.”

The cool thing in middle school right now is for girls to give their scrunchies to boys they like.

If you're saying to yourself, "why are scrunchies back?", you're not alone. The Atlantic traces it's comeback to New York's Fashion Week 2 years ago. The impossible beautiful models wore scrunchies in their hair, and boom! It happened. High fashion eventually trickles down to mainstream fashion over time.

It's also hit the 20 year mark. The last time they were a thing was around 2000. According to fashion historians, after about 2 decades, styles come back around. So that's why scrunchies are a thing again.