Vegan Calls Cops After Friends Feed Her Chicken Nuggets While Drunk

Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer

Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer

Everyone knows the #1 rule about being vegan (or doing crossfit) is to "always talk about it". So there's no ignorance excuse for a drunk woman's friends who fed her chicken nuggets while she was "white girl drunk". She was so mad, she called the cops on them.

An anonymous redditer talked about going vegan 10 years ago after finding out where her food comes from. Until the other night, when she went to party and described herself as "white girl drunk".

That's when she said her friends "thought it would be funny to feed me chicken nuggets as a prank." She claims to have asked if they vegan. She says her friends said they were "sun fed". (?????) .

She never discovered the gag until she say the whole story unfold on Snapchat. In the video, they show her the nuggets bag, feed them to her, and then laugh and imitate her. They supposedly did impressions of her yelling and fake crying "the CHICKENS!"

She screen recorded the video and showed to police as evidence of food tampering. Her "friends" are being brought up on charges. Friends they are no more...