Nashville: Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In America!

It's official, Nashville has the most expensive hotel rooms in America. But you say, "we can't be more expensive than New York City. San Francisco, or Chicago." Yet we are. figured out the average hotel room price for every city in the US and Nashville came out on top.

It's true. Nashville averages out at $225 a night. But why is it more expensive here?

Well there's several factors. One is that Music City is so darn popular a place to visit, that hotels haven't caught up with demand. Even though there are hotels going up and opening up everywhere downtown. It's not enough. Add the fact that we have so many festivals, conventions, and special events and you're starting to see the picture.

And then there's the bachelor and bachelorette parties. That's not one person coming to town. Or a couple. That's like 12.

Gina Reynolds told FOX17 she wanted a room near the honky tonks, but:
“The closer we got into the downtown area, the Riverwalk area, here, which is particularly the area that we wanted to be in, the prices absolutely went up exponentially,” Reynolds said.
That’s why they had to book a room away from downtown. “We’re over near Percy Priest, about ten minutes from here, maybe 15, and even within trying to get three miles closer, the price went up $100 to $150,” Reynolds said.

Butch Spyridon of the Visitors Bureau said,

"...we’re setting a record every month, so people are coming, people feel like they’re getting value out of Nashville.”

But visitor Gina Rodriguez has a good point, “I just hope that Nashville doesn’t price itself out of just the average American person with kids and a growing family, it’s the heart of America.”