Panera Employee Posts How Mac n Cheese Is Made, Then Gets Fired.

Panera Bread To Eliminate Artificial Food Additives By 2016

Panera Bread To Eliminate Artificial Food Additives By 2016

An employee at Panera decided to video how the restaurant makes their wonderful mac n cheese. And when that video went viral and stunned a lot of people who expected fresher food, that employee was fired. The TikTok video was called "exposing Panera".

The video shows the employee taking a frozen, clear envelope of mac n cheese, dropping it into hot water, cutting it open, and pouring it into a bowl for the customer. This of course is not in keeping with the image Panera would like to protray for the preparation of the food items.

One commenter said, “I don’t get what she’s exposing? Did people really think there was a chef hanging out in the kitchen of Panera Bread making their Mac and Cheese? This is literally how every fast food joint operates, don’t be fooled.”

Another had a more stunned reaction. “Someone said Panera is just hospital food and this proves it,” they commented.

Panera public statements confirmed the process is real, but said, “It is shipped frozen to our bakery cafes — this allows us to avoid using preservatives which do not meet our clean standards."