Ducks TV Announcers Bash Nashville, Preds Fans Embrace It

The media that cover the Anaheim Ducks hockey team have a history. That history includes bashing the people of Nashville. The Nashville Predators players. Now the uniforms of boys in gold.

The latest came Tuesday night at the beginning of the Ducks/Preds game, seconds into the local tv broadcast, the announcers went all fashion police on us.

Perhaps this is a result of the utter failure of the Ducks to beat the Predators in the playoffs. Every Time they've met, the Predators have sent Anaheim home to pack up for the season. That's happened three times.

But just like when the Pittsburgh media called a catfish an "instrument of crime", we don't hate back. We spread love. It's the Nashville way. The people at So Nashville clothing on Music Row started selling "God Awful Gold" shirts. Date hate on the hate. Embrace the hate.