Nashville Predators Unveil Winter Classic Jersey. Why Retro? We Explain.

New Year's Day, the Nashville Predators will play in the NHL's premiere game, the Winter Classic. And the one-time jerseys they'll wear have been revealed. The mostly white jerseys feature a retro yellow strip across the chest, bordered by thinner blue stripes. The name of the team is written in old school cursive.

Why the old school style? There's a reason. But we'll get to that. First let's take a good look.

The retro look is an homage to hockey's history in Nashville. (Yes, there was hockey in Nashville long before the Predators came to town in the late 90's). This jersey is direct descendant of the Dixie Flyers, a team that played it's games from 1962 to 1971 inside the confines of Nashville's Municipal Auditorium.

The jersey maker, Adidas, said: "The new jersey was created with a heritage aesthetic, featuring designs inspired by Nashville's rich hockey history and its passionate hockey fanbase. The script crest, felt block lettering and classic striping create a nostalgic look suitable for the NHL Winter Classic's celebration of the game's origins outdoors. The retro look will make its on-ice debut on January 1, when the Predators take on the Dallas Stars at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, Texas."