Professional Fortnite Gamer Banned For Life For Cheating.

Professional Fortnite player, Jarvis Kaye, has been banned for life from the game for cheating. Kaye (aka FaZe Jarvis), who has nearly 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, admitted and apologized for cheating in the game. He used Aimbots to help his targeting and that is a forbidden cheat according Epic Games, the people behind Fortnite.

As a pro, what's his net worth? We'll get to that after his apology.

Jarvis has estimated net worth (according to speculation from gamers with similar follower counts and endorsements) at 1 million dollars!

Epic Games has addressed the situation, essentially saying their ban on cheats is a zero tolerance policy and it will apply to him. But don't feel too bad. He's also a killer Call of Duty and other games.